Qobo Electronic Waste Recycling

Electronic Waste Removal Services for Business & Households


Useful Recycling Contacts 

Whilst recycling continues being embraced by many individuals in South Africa, many individuals still struggle with identifying places where they can take their recyclables or arrange collection of their recyclables. The below links will assist individuals in Pretoria, Tshwane in identifying companies that can assist with the recovery of their recyclables:

Electronic Waste Recycling- Qobo Recycling CC- 012 345-5117/081 247-8016

Paper and Plastic Recycling- Nampak Recycling (PTA West)- 012 386-1376

Paper and Plastic Recycling- Mondi (PTA West)- 012 386-1381

Electronic Waste Refurbishers- We Buy I.T. (Pretoria North)- 012 527-0052 (www.webuyit.co.za)

Recycling Associations

Electronic Waste Recycling Association of South Africa- www.ewasa.org.za

National Recycling Forum- www.recycling.co.za

Eco-Friendly Products

SA Online Eco store- www.sustainable.co.za

Pioneer Plastics (supplier of recycling bins- Pretoria)- www.pioneerplastics.co.za

Postwink (supplier of recycling bins- Cape town)- www.postwink.co.za