Qobo Electronic Waste Recycling

Electronic Waste Removal Services for Business & Households


Our Services 

  • Dismantling & Recycling of electronic waste (e-waste)- We recover redundant, defective and all unwanted electronic waste, this waste is dismantled and the materials and components recovered are sent to downstream companies for further processing. 
  • Refurbishing of computers- Through our partnership with WE BUY IT (Pty) Ltd. we ensure that our service remains sustainable. I.T. equipment that is not defective is refurbished- This entails upgrading components, fixing any cosmetic issues, certified erasure of the hard drive and finally re-licensing of the operating system software.  
  • Data wiping/protection- We offer certified data erasure of hard disks, tapes and other storage devices this service is offered in the form of a software solution or physical destruction of hard drives aswell. 

Electric & Electronic Waste Recycling Process

  • The client is provided with an e-waste collection notice on removal of equipment from their premises
  • Each load e-waste delivered to the dismantling facility will be weighed or counted, so that we can determine the mass of the equipment collected.
  • All items will be sorted as per their varying categories: e.g. monitors; pc’s, keyboards, mice, heaters etc.
  • All bar codes will be removed at the facility, if we have not done so at the client premises. 
  • All hard drives that are to be destroyed will be removed from the clients computer boxes,hard drives that are to be physically destroyed are then taken to metal processing partners for shredding. Hard drives that are to be re-used will be sanitised using secure data erasure software,
  • All defective equipment will be stripped and dismantled as per the categories of materials and components to be delivered to accredited downstream vendors e.g. printed circuit boards, power supply units, monitors, scrap ferrous and non-ferrous metals, abs plastic etc.
  • Downstream vendors further process materials and components recovered from the dismantling process, this is done through granulation, crushing, shredding, melting etc. dependent on the type of materials and components being processed.
  • None of the equipment recovered will be illegally dumped or incinerated.
  • Once we have completed the processing of the equipment the client will be provided with a recycling certificate for the WEEE processed.